September 30, 2010

Autumn/Winter 2011 (south of the equator)

I have just returned to Australia from Bangladesh, lugging a suitcase full of AW11 samples (southern hemisphere folks... we're upside down / back-to-front here in Aus). I can't give away too much yet, but he're me doing a bit of a setup for our mini photo shoot in Shimul's amazing jungle-like garden in Dhaka...

Wow, my hair. Total humidity fringe fail.
Shimul's hand-made clothes hanger
We didn't have models, but needed to prepare a little preview for retailers, which ended up being sort of a clothes line of samples (it actually looked better than it sounds). One of the problems was coat-hangers and/or pegs - for anyone familiar with Bangladesh you will know that they don't do many neutral coloured products. We almost had to resort to fluorescent green plastic until Shimul offered to make some hangers out of sticks and wire, after which I was forced to apologise and say "You were right, you can make hangers with scrap from your garden without them looking totally ugly".

Anyway, I know neither of us blog much, but we've made a new mid-year resolution to contribute to this blog every few days from now on, to let you guys know the process, and show anything that may be of interest to people.

And here is a picture of us!

Still fringe-failing but looking less sweaty
I have lots more photos to post in the upcoming days of the amazing Bangladesh trip so stay tuned.

Oh, and if you are a retailer and would like to see the samples we are showing now in Perth, Melbourne 8th-13th October, Sydney 14th-17th October. Please contact us on to get a little preview and maybe we can meet!
And international peeps - write too! I have lots of goodies coming soon for you.

So long, til tomorrow!
x Jess

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